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Who is Triena Smith?



The standard of society is a playbook that comes with its own set of rules; Triena Smith defies them. Triena is a digital influencer and lifestyle blogger whose passion derives from helping women find the confidence that they’ve always had. At an early age, Triena taught herself the importance of self-love despite any differences one may have. This alone has set her apart from the masses.


Today Triena is an advocate in the plus-size community, and a forefront activist for body positivity. As a wife and mother, Triena understands the importance of creating a life you love, while not compromising yourself along the way.  Triena has done custom activations with leading brands and platforms including Forever 21, JCPenney, Sephora, Kroger, Huggies, Samsung, Essence, Huffington Post, and more. Her blog is read all across the world, majorly throughout the east coast region of the United States. 


You can find Triena living her dreams in Atlanta with her husband, HD, and her two children Brave and Crown. In addition to curating content, Triena is also a Personal Brand strategist for The BBM Agency, where she helps female business owners carve out a brand story  that speaks to the audience they want to convert for profitable gain.

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4480 S Cobb Dr SE Ste H

Smyrna, GA 30080

Tel: 678-561-3464

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