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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Allow me to reintroduce myself … I’m Triena Smith I started blogging in 2014, with what I thought would be a lifestyle blog focusing primarily on travel and empowerment, specifically for dreamers like myself. That shifted quickly when my outfit was featured on @byashleystewart page by my girl @iamtamaraivey ... and then I became a curvy influencer. Fast forward a few years my audience has drastically changed since I went from young and fresh out of college to a whole wife and mom ... so let me reintroduce myself I’m Triena Smith, a wife to a cool ass musician, we are both entrepreneurs who’ve figured out the whole “just gotta make it” hustle I had two babies back to back, vaginally (these muscles are tired honey.) My son Brave and daughter Crown are 15 months apart, and I was terrified about how I would handle 2 under 2 ... but it’s not so bad after all! I’m currently tandem feeding, yes you heard that right. I’m currently breastfeeding two babies at the same damn time. Mind blown again. I plan to share that journey soon but for now it’s hard to document because they both wiggle so much. I love Jesus and I curse a lot. God knows my heart, swear words help me put emphasis on things that I’m passionate about. So a lot of my prayers sound a little like this. “Now Lord you know this is some bullshit but your will be done ... I’m gone trust you anyway” I’m one of the few wives that married because I genuinely like and love my husband and wanted to build a future and legacy with him. Y’all know that’s rare, most folks marry because they are settling and don’t want to grow old alone Last year was the hardest year of my life. I left corporate America, found out I was pregnant, and was nurturing a 4 month old all at the same time. But something about pressure makes diamonds. Because even in the hardest point of my life, I launched a new business/service, found my niche and have literally turned my income into double of what I was making in corporate America all while getting to stay home with my family. My content and audience has shifted drastically. From plus size fashion to motherhood and life, but I try to sprinkle it all in there together.

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