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I Was Afraid To Be A Girl Mom

There is this unspoken truth about mothering daughters, and I think that is that you are looking at a reflection of yourself.

After the confetti flew at our gender reveal, the excitement settled, and my heart calmed down ... paranoia kicked in. I was terrified to become a girl mom. Why? Because of the added pressures that consume females, and it literally starts from birth.

The pressure to be perfect, the pressure to be polished. It all felt so daunting and I just couldn't wrap my mind around it all.

With my son, things were easy and seamless. As much as I hate to compare them, it is the only preceding example that I have in motherhood. He was encouraged to fall, to be wild, and messy... along with all of the other things they encourage when they proudly suggest "boys will be boys."

But with my precious Crown, dainty was all that I could think of.

Until I reprogrammed my thinking into giving her the space and grace to be whoever she wants to be. And yes, sometimes that is dainty and polished. Other times it's messy, clumsy, wild and loud!

I am affording her the space to grow into a full limitless, beautiful little girl. Watching her navigate through her little life, the lessons she's learned from her big brother, and her curiosity has been a pleasure to witness.

My heart has settled into being a girl mom. It doesn't frighten me as much anymore. Knowing that she has me to look to, is the reassurance that I never knew I needed.


- A girl mom ... in fact, Crown's Mom

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