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Cancel Snap Back Culture

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I don’t know who needs to hear this but: don’t let the smoke and mirrors of today’s society fool you into believing your body should “snap back” immediately after having a baby. Social media has fooled us into believing we should ALL just bounce back to our pre-baby body in a matter of days, and that’s just not fair.

Some do. Some don’t. Your journey is your journey, and the reality is, you did one hell-of-a-thing when you birthed that baby.

So enough with this microwave society seeking instant gratification. Did you know a true postpartum timeframe stretches as far as 2 years? And even longer for mothers like me who are expecting back-to-back!

Let’s talk less about new mothers snapping back and more about rediscovering yourself as a new mom. Let’s talk more about baby blues and postpartum depression. Let’s focus on carving out a healthy schedule that allows you to find yourself again.

Tell me what has been the most eye-opening part of your postpartum journey?

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